It’s getting harder and harder to find machining operators who are experts and love what they do─ yet it’s not the case at Upchurch. In our world class machine shop, you’ll find a team of experts striving everyday to exceed your highest expectations. In our CNC lathe turning centers, we have a host of machines that help us meet your every machining objective. Upchurch turning center lathes have a highly diverse capability, from machining stainless steel, carbon steel, aircraft 4130 alloy, 300 and 400 series aircraft stainless steel, steel alloys, titanium, inconel, beryllium copper, magnesium, monel, aluminum and cast iron metal shafts and spindles— to machining an assortment of plastics and specialized synthetics.

Our machine shop’s CNC turning centers and manual lathe equipment can perform a host of machining needs, including but not limited to, precision screw threading, through-bore spindle lathing, roller and spindle cutting, bearing journals, hub boring, large diameter and oversize turning for long small parts.

Quality and Specifications:
Supported by our year-round temperature control shop environ-