Upchurch Machine’s saw cutting services offer a convenient way for you to get all your needs met at one place. You won’t need to take your part elsewhere to have it pre-cut to your specifications. Plus with our automated metal saws, we save you extra time and money.


Our capabilities here offer various methods of highly precise sawing, each for specific types of materials and specifications.


 Machine Shop Automated Material Sawing Equipment Capabilities:

 DoAll Model C-4100 and a DoAll Model C-305  Abrasive Saw
• Automatic Bar Feed • Swivel Head
• Parts Counter • 12 in. Wheel
• Saws up to 12 in. and 16 in. diameter capacity • Stock Table
• Stock Conveyor  


Horizontal Band Sawing
Flat and round stock up to 16 inches in diameter can be precisely cut with our horizontal band saws. Even with the fact that tolerances may vary depending on the size of the piece, Upchurch still holds a consistent tolerance of +/-.015 with consistent parallel of .005.