Horizontal and vertical CNC milling machines at Upchurch Machine provide extensive capacity to perform small and medium size part milling with world class precision. Utilizing our 3-axis CNC machining centers and highly trained staff and technicians, you will find your high speed milling, drilling, tapping, machining and deep boring work is performed at truly expert levels. This makes meeting X, Y and Z axis specifications for any particular part or project application a fundamental, high quality accomplishment on a month in, month out basis.

Thus, with Upchurch, you have an extensive line of machining centers capable of providing you the milling technology needed to deliver the consistent quality and the productivity capabilities needed to serve your short and longer term needs. This ensures you uncompromising value and the dependability needed to compete in today's world markets. If you require a particular type of CNC vertical or horizontal milling that is not mentioned here, please contact us for a more thorough explanation of our CNC milling capabilities.