Upchurch Machine Shop has been in the grinding business since 1974. Over the decades, we have become experts on flat rotary and surface and cylindrical style grinding. Our grinding facility is very versatile with different types of grinding equipment to fit your needs.


One of our greatest benefits to you is our experience in cylindrical grinding which is also known as “OD” grinding. OD grinding is utilized for the grinding of multiple diameter shafts and parts, between one or more diameters. OD/ID & Universal Grinders have multiple grinding wheel spindles to facilitate the grinding of multiple OD’s, IDs, faces, angles, & radii. Parts can be held on centers allowing multiple operations to be completed in a single setup, providing cost effective manufacturing value and delivery timing that is highly dependable.


 We also provide surface grinding and feature Jakobsen Surface Grinders which have the ability to surface finishes of 8 micro or better.

O.D. Cylindrical Grinding I.D. Cylindrical Grinding Surface Grinding

Machine Shop Grinding Equipment & Capabilities:  

 Kellenburger 1000-U

 15" O.D. 8" I.D., 50" Length, Steady Rest , Hydraulic Tailstock, 60 M.M. & 80 M.M.,
 I.D. Spindles - Grind  O.D.’s, I.D.’s and faces in a single chucking for near perfect
 cylindricity and perpendicularity
 1 Model 18 Blanchard  36" Chuck
 1 Model 11 Blanchard  16" Chuck
 Jakobsen Model SJ 8030

 Hydraulic Surface Grinder, 12” x 24” Magnetic Chuck - European, precision
 production grinder - Automatic Cycles.