ISO 9001-2008 Quality System

At Upchurch, quality is lived, not practiced. It is the foundation of our daily activity. Over the years, heavy investments have been made to support our quality program, so for us, our ISO registration was simply a formality to a quality intention born long ago.


Today, no matter what your specifications, we will build your parts with the intention of exceeding your expectations. In fact, we pride ourselves on not just being a ‘conforming supplier.’ Rather our intention is to set the standard by raising your bar of expectation as to what a top-performing supplier should look like.


Computer Aided Manufacturing & Design

To decrease manufacturing cost and maximize quality, we run the latest software by D.P. Technology and Auto Desk on a Windows N.T. network. This efficient programming set-up helps reduce your cost, streamlines delivery of your orders through our system, and allows us to process complex and difficult parts into a more easily formatted machining matrix. Additionally, this network allows communication between our C.A.D. system and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), greatly reducing potential error from design to quality control.


Fully Automatic Part Inspection Scanning and Digitizing QC Control

Upchurch’s Coordinate Measuring Machine (CNC-CMM) is the workhorse of our quality program. Our 3-axis metrology measurement system provides us the ability to accurately measure dimensionally complex quality specifications. This achieves true fit-and-finish specifications that reduce your assembly time. Additionally, it provides us a great tool for reverse engineering of your old machine parts when there are no prints or if dimensionally measured analysis is needed to improve part performance.


Your greatest benefit from our CNC-CMM investment is its ability to compliment quality machine work, adding to the assurance of accuracy and improvement of quality. In a nutshell, guessing at dimensional accuracy doesn’t happen at Upchurch, thus you can be confident and comfortable knowing that you are getting the quality you have specified from one run to another, regardless of the time lapse in-between.